Can We Eat Before Sleep?

Last week, my student asked me this, "'Teacher, is it ok to sleep after food?"

I said, "I'd reply, don't sleep on a hungry stomach."
Him, "But I thought the US doctors said it's bad to sleep on a full stomach?"

Ah, the keyword is "full" and "hungry".

Never sleep with your stomach on either extremes at night. Why?

[Full stomach]

Our body rejuvenates and continue functioning in our beauty sleep at night, a full stomach only hinders the progress of us repairing ourselves in our sleep.

Not only that, it'll burden our gastric too much of being unable to repair itself properly.

And, it'll make us fat, because the fats and nutrients are under-utilized for energy.

[Empty stomach]

Meaning, hungry.

Our body has its vital functions of repairing itself in the night as we sleep = sleeping in a hungry stomach will means starving our body of the vital energy needed for the job.

Our body cannot go hungry for extended period of time (more than 2 hours) after the age of 30. Why?

From the age 30, our body draw our reserve resources to maintain our looks and body suppleness etc, if we are under-nourished = we age faster.

Aging = declining bodily functions e.g bad kneecaps, backache etc.

** Notice that slimming ladies often look older at the skin eventhough they look thin. Why? Collagen loss. Collagen loss is dangerous for our body. Many of our vital organs require large amount of collagen to function properly.

However, it doesn't mean we eat every 2 hours, not at all! Hahahahaha!

I simply means don't skip meals, don't let our tummy feel hungry for too long. That's all.

[What to do if I'm hungry at night]

Don't eat a full supper like the US, it'll make us fat and make us ill in the long run.

Have simple things e.g some bread on butter, or half boiled eggs, or some cereal drinks etc.

Go easy on the sodium and sugar, without them is best, as they make our organs sluggish at night when we're repairing ourselves in our sleep.

** I don't mean going entirely without seasonings in food through the day! Just remember to eat bland, boring food at night.

Don't go eat BBQ stingray, satay, fried chicken etc, these extreme food. Extreme = cooked in temperature more than 100-degree.

It's bad for health.

[Ending note]

Keep our body in equilibrium, to our individual unique equilibrium and we'll be healthy for life. Note how our genes run too.

Keep everything in moderation to your body needs. Your moderation wouldn't be the same as mine. :)

Find our own health Middle Path, and don't swing for extremes.  :)