Brief History of Qigong + Adapt Successfully Into Your Life

Qigong in ancient China, is a skill specially reserved for martial arts experts, that when they practise their exhausting gongfu, their Qi isn't exhausted, and yet, able to maneuver the internal Qi for health + combat purposes.

It has no links to religion, nor related to religion.

It was a skill for those rich enough to find a Master for it, like martial arts. Yes, in ancient China, the Master required payment to learn their skills.

And they'd take 10 years to see if the disciple is good enough to be passed of their most secret key into the martial arts + Qigong world.

The most famous example of Qigong marrying into martial arts = Taiji Quan, as we know from HK movies in the 90s.

Qigong wasn't widespread in ancient China as most people are only concerned on making a living and tend to their fields or domesticated animals.

Qigong + Taiji Quan only got more widespread in late Qing Dynasty when the Court wants to instill unity in the crumbling country by spreading the propaganda that ancestors' skills must withstand the corrosion from Western "poisons".

Qigong now, is a watered down version of the exhaustive, intensive, of at least 10-year tutelage of the original (paired with martial arts), to help modern people cope with the modern stress + 80% sedentary lifestyle.

What we experienced now was never experienced in ancient China, where life was much simpler + the KPI to hit was delivering their harvests + work in the city.

Because of that, the Qi in our ancestors are less stagnant, along with frequent going about with the physical bodies. Yes, stress is part of the reason why our Qi stagnant, the next culprit is lack of movements in our physical body.

When I mention movement, I take great care on the word "exercise". In ancient China, exercises the Western way actually kills the body faster.

** Unless you're a martial arts person who also practise Qigong and/or took great care in the diet + TCM herbs to replenish lost energy + heal injuries. It's another story altogether already.

They advocate leisure movements that will clear the mind, enjoy the scenery and just some nice sweat. Over-exhaustion is a no-no in ancient China, and that means having sex too = mustn't overdo and exhaust our inner energy of longevity + feeling of well-being.

Come now, as our lives are more stressful + sedentary + prevalence of all the chemicals in our snacks, food and environment = we have clots, blockages and stagnant Qi that our ancestors never had, and would never experience.

This is why it's very important to practise the right exercises to keep our health in equilibrium + eat suitable, balanced diet + have the right herbal medication to negate (or mitigate) the modern chemical harms and stress piled upon us.

These serve to unblock our channels + keep our tendons supple + muscles regulated of good Qi and blood + manage stress + deliver in our various roles in Life.

Right exercise
Suitable balanced diet
Right herbal medication

These are what make the Golden Triangle for health + longevity for all of us, especially the modern us bombarded by so many stress from work, family and Life.

This is why I cannot reiterate enough, the importance of diet + medication to some of you who are already suffering from chronic or acute illnesses to totally heal yourself.

My Qigong definitely will give you effect, but I'm a very greedy person, I want you all healed. Or experience around 70% better health than ever before.

That's why I kept sharing recipes in class with you all + nag that you must ban certain no-no food in your life + practise my Qigong daily for only 5 minutes on.

** More if you're game for it. But not when it's rainy + thunder times!

If you're a totally healthy person, you're free to indulge sometimes, because your health wouldn't be affected. :)