Essence Of Qigong

Many people, including Qigong masters themselves, have little understanding of this great ancient art.

Qigong was typically learnt along with martial arts, or after solid foundation in martial arts is attained.

This is to ensure that while the practitioner learns the gongfu externally, their internal body is protected and/or health is enhanced with the knowledge of Qigong.

That's beside the mandated knowledge in TCM herbs + proper diet suitable for their body constitution (to support their well being + pursuit of martial arts) so the whole package is complete + holistic.  All ancient gongfu practitioners must know all these.

In martial arts, the form = movements, have to be somewhat precise so they can take down the opponents easily + for the purpose of defense. This takes a lot of memory skill + coordination ability in the process.

When comes Qigong, because the core keyword is Qi = 气,all form ( = movements) become secondary.

** However, certain essentials must be accurate = straightening of the back for certain movements.

I've seen a lot of Qigong masters mandating their students the precision of the movements, causing a lot of stress to memorize + anxiety at the initial stages learning the craft.  This is wrong.

Qigong, being Qi as the key to health, must be relaxed and free of stress + anxiety, to attain effect.  Now, what is Qi?

Qi, very loosely translated in English, is the breathe. Unseen by the eye.

Every non-plant living things on earth hinge on the breathe for survival. In ancient China, there was a saying, "Our life and death is all between the exhalation and inhalation."


This is how important it is to have our breathing correct. The right breathing technique means a lot.

In ancient China, they simply say Qigong when done well, will bring longevity and health. But as modern people, we need a breakdown of what those constitute.

Good oxygenation of our blood + clearing free radicals in the body + clearing cholesterol and plaque in arteries + rejuvenation and regeneration of our cells, which in turn heal our organs.

In Qigong, the Qi being the sole lead in the craft, I emphasize on breathing + letting go of all stressful thoughts above movement. Movements are there to facilitate blood and Qi flow to the needed parts in the body.

So don't be too stressed up about the form (movements), I'll teach + correct step by step during the class.

But get your breathing correct = as slooooooooow + as looooooooong as you can achieve.

Then we've more or less cleared half the path. The rest of the movements, you can slowly absorb into your mind. Easy peasy.

But don't eat whatever you want after practice to undo all the good you've done! Be good, ok? :)