Lasting Health?

Many Qigong and Taijiquan teachers are very good = helped their students to get rid of pain and blockages with their art.

However, 90% of these students suffer other issues some years down the road? Why do this happen?

Because health isn't getting rid of pain only, it's a holistic package of eating what's suitable for ourselves + adapting to a better lifestyle slowly + engage ourselves to a suitable exercise.

Success in anything don't come in a simple 1-item package, it comes from a combination of right elements for a good formula only for you.

This is why I emphasized so much on this all-round knowledge for my students. 1 of them said I should start a holistic living class, and I replied, I'm not sure if it'd be right as different people required different things.

But if anyone can direct me on planning the curriculum that's mostly suitable for all, do let me know! You're doing a great deed for the society! :D