Regaining Sickly Health From Young

Many people have the wrong perception over poor health.

In TCM, as long as your gastric + spleen + kidney functions (先天与后天之本)are not beyond repair, even with issues from toddlerhood can have hopes of reasonable recovery.

By reasonable, it means you can improve the issue(s) significant enough to be relieved of the agony they bring.

While the organ functional states hold the keys to the foundation of health, our mental state is as important. Meaning, we cannot hold 1 or too much negative thoughts in us, and keep harping over it day in day out. This affects recovery too.

In the current Western conventional medical field, the doctors are on the same ideology as TCM regarding our state of mind affecting our health.

** I've a consultant doctor for blood brother, we've discussed some medical stuff together too. But no, he would never take TCM for his flu. Like I'd never take his pills for mine too. :P

In our quest for reasonable health (no one is omni-healthy), we must know what we want out of it.

If we want good health, yet want to continue a diet and lifetsyle that will jeopardise recovery and/or sustainability of it, then please don't seek any doctor. This requires magic. Lol.

If we want good health, yet want to do it "halfway" = sneaking a shot (or 2) of whisky while on any therapy, please don't seek any doctor too. It'll undo all the good the medicine gives.

The road to health recovery isn't unlike a bootcamp = utter discipline + obedience to instructions and practise are required. Failure in any of the 3 elements will crumble any structural foundation your therapist or doctor tries to build.

You're wasting everyone's time.

Like in career or Life, relationship or marriage, we have to make a choice and stick by it. Of course, you can regret and return, but please have the determination to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So you can run free on the meadow of sweet smelling flowers. All carefully sowed and watered by you.

The work of the doctors to get the results you want is only 50%, the remaining 50% lies entirely, solely on you.