Thinking Of Play In Work + Vice Versa

The way to handle this is, prioritizing your day.

Streamline only useful homework.
Streamline only truly entertaining TV programs.
Focus entirely on 1 task while at it.

The last one is the most difficult = takes most discipline + wisdom + intelligence to achieve it.

We tend to think worry about work at rest or play, then thinking about slacking or rest in work. This affects the quality of our productivity + rest.

If we managed to cross this hurdle, life gets easier, simpler and us, happier. This is the difficult easy to achieve that all of us should aim for.

When I was in corporate, I made sure I finished my work in super focus, then use the rest of the time saved in office to surf net + MSN my friends. When I was in super focus mode, work is done very fast.

When work comes in while I was skiving off, I push away all the fun to focus 100% on it, like I was flicking a switch in my mind = Work switch, Play switch.

I'd never let play affect my work.