Why Tea Leaves = Devil Of Our Modern Asian Diet

Tea leaves, in all of its essence and fineness, is only good for the ancient diet = lots of rich animal protein + "spare parts" which are called offal.

Tea leaves then can exert its function as a cholesterol broom.

"But many ancient Asian people are poor, they don't always have meat + offal, they always drink tea what!"


Poor ancient Asians cannot afford tea, as tea is a luxury item along with meat, offal and wine. Only in festive seasons, do they see these things on their dining table.

This includes Japan, if you wanna contest that Japanese drink a lot of tea.

They only drink loads of it from late 70s on, when their economy flew and the whole load of them are middle-class, not low-class, poor people. The Japanese are middle-class people much earlier than Singaporeans, or any part of SEA countries.

This is why in ancient China, tea leaves merchants are ranked among the richest with rice, salt, textile, meat merchants. If tea isn't a luxury product, they can never be wealthy merchants.

Have anyone hear of wealthy vegetable or fruit farmers? Hardly, right? Unless they own plantation as big as three S'pore.

Now, we've got the history cleared. Let's go into why tea leaves are devil in our modern diet.

Our modern diet are heavily influenced by the Western ideology, which are very dangerous as Western medical science are not as advanced as the TCM that has seen at least 5000 years of history.

Western medical science has only about 300 years of age.

They're still flipping if coffee is good for health, if eggs and butter affect cholesterol level, and flipping over waves and waves of food fads like fashion trends.

Acai berries, anyone? Chia seeds, anyone?

Like I've said up there, tea leaves, in all of its essence and fineness, is only good for the ancient diet = lots of rich animal protein + "spare parts" which are called offal.

It sweeps clean of the animal protein + animal cholesterol in our body.

But comes the modern diet where we must eat light for our health, many failed to see the imbalance in it = we don't even eat lots of meat + offal anymore, what are the load of veggie + fruits + tea in our system are gonna do?

Do you know what they're gonna do without a job in our body?

They wreck our health. This was what happened to me, I suffered horribly for my love in veggies, fruits and tea.

All plants are Yin energy by nature, all landed animals are Yang by nature, when we take equal amounts of each (by individual dynamics), they cancel out each other and leave the good in our body.

This is where health comes from.

I took 1 year of heavy animal protein diet, eat till I wanna puke so many times + banned all tea leaves in my life to see light shine into my health.

Know why so many women these days have dark eye rings despite "healthy" diet + enough rest? Have anyone noticed?

That's because they ate too "healthily" = too much veggie + fruits + tea leaves in their lives.

Have anyone also notice dark eye rings in kids's eyes? Same issue by ill-informed parents.

Plant food are only good when we eat heavy meat diet.

"But ancient Asians are poor, they eat lots of plants, they're healthy!"

Our ancient ancestors work their days off under the sun, in open air, without aircon, have their biweekly meat luxury = a heavy plant based diet wouldn't harm them.

Sun's ray will zap off the Yin energy in our body.

We all know how much sun we get each day, how many hours without aircon in Mother Nature we have now.

So unless we're super rich not to work and be out in the open to have fun all day, or we're super poor and be bending rice or vegetable farmers, we don't have enough sun to rid our body of the heavy Yin energy from plant food.

We'd never have enough sun in our lives.

For my dear friends who have poor health and are mainly plant eaters, please, just play a gamble and listen to me and try = stop all your tea leaves, heavy plant diet and put some good load of animal protein back in your life.

It'll turn your life around.

** This article is only applicable to those who are plant food lovers + unhealthy now. Those unhealthy meat lovers, just eat more plant food, simple as that. :)