5-Month Journey, Finding How Tea Affect Body

Many people are perplexed when informed that their health cannot afford them to drink tea, tea = Camellia sinensis family of leaves.

For the layman, it means the following:

Green tea (Japanese or otherwise)
Yellow tea
White tea
Black tea

** Tea made from flowers aren't the topic of discussion here.

Many people's health are deeply + adversely affected by tea drinking habits, the following are some of the symptoms:

Menstrual issues
Digestion issues
Cold limbs
Heart palpitations
Insomnia (after tea drinking)
Joint issues
Tendon issues
Circulation issues (incl, dizziness etc)
Breathing issues
Weight issues (too thin or fat, not cause by genes)
Toilet issues
Sweating issues
Trembling hands
Losing hair
Low energy + stamina
Poor skin tone + color

I embarked a long 5-month journey to find how to make my body accept tea, after a trip with my Incense Association friends to Taichung this year.

Previously, in my state of horrible health, I'd have heart palpitations + insomnia if I've tea of any sort after 1pm. Hence, I stopped all of tea endeavors. Even bubble tea will affect me tremendously.

But of course, bubble tea shops sell fake tea and/or tea of the lowest quality, then throw in some artificial flavors and coloring.

When my health got back on track, the trip to Taichung came, I'd tea every single day with my incense friends. Sometimes, 2x a day. Each time, at least 3 rounds of different tea involved.

I easily drank an average of 700ml of good tea a day.

I didn't have insomnia or heart palpitations or trembling hands with that. But.

When I come back Singapore, and continue my tea drinking = once a day, my maid came to tell me, "Jer, your pillow alot of hair!"

I'm losing hair.

Initially, I don't buy her observations, then I realized my back starts aching, I'm losing my energy. I didn't do or eat anything out of my routine, and realized my body cannot handle tea again.

I thought I'd recovered completely?

So I embarked the journey to find out why some people can drink copious amount of tea and getting away with it. I must know why, because I'd fallen in love with good tea.

In the 5-month journey, I'd lost many times, going on the wrong path + sending my health to a downward spiral again and again. I researched intently online, talk to tea friends (mostly guys) and experiment on myself again and again.

Then I found out, tea affects women far more than men, due to the different genetics and how the Qi and blood behave. Below are what I found how tea affect our body:

Affects spleen + gastric most
Attacks Qi + blood
Impairs digestion functions
Leads of malnutrition of other organs
Due to impaired absorption of nutrients for rest of organs
Rest of organs starts to fail

People who already are weak from various chronic illnesses are often almost always (99.99999%) have impaired digestion functions ( = spleen + gastric).

Tea into the body impairs everything further, spiraling everything down into an abyss.

Hence, anyone who likes tea must have robust spleen + gastric functions. I achieved these by using the right Chinese tonics for my body constitutions daily, with additional dosage just for my tea habit.

*** You can't ask what I'm taking and do the same, 'cos everyone have different body constitutions. I'd not advice anyone who isn't a student on full Qigong course with me = I can't track their progress or regression and advice the strategy accordingly.

And of course, my Qigong helps things too.

Next up, I need to change my diet. Again.

After my health recovers, I go back to a 35% - 45% vegetable diet, the rest made up of animal protein of meat + eggs. Carbs are aside the percentage.

With tea, I need to go back to a high animal protein + fats diet, it's to line the gastric with enough material for it to cut. Tea cuts fats and animal protein very well.

Not plant fats, they cannot replace animal fats at all.

I've almost taken out raw fruits in my life now. Raw, cold, frozen food of any kind attack the spleen and gastric functions tremendously.

The animal protein and fats consumption MUST come from land animals of 4 legs = pork, beef and mutton. The rest cannot cut it, seafood are the worst.


Never let myself go hungry, my tummy must always have food inside. I need to do this as I've a high metabolic rate.

Next up, I need to keep my mind at a low thinking rate, to preserve my spleen functions.

Women tend to be worriers, fantasizers (if there's such word), and over-analyzing things = affects spleen functions tremendously.

Tea attacks mercilessly on spleen as much as the gastric.


Few people in the world can afford to drink tea on a daily basis + a vegetarian + woman = not affected by the side effects at all.

I'd thumb this at 0.000001% of the woman population.

So to drink tea, I must reverse the perennial malfunction in women, that is me. So far, I'm doing ok. :)

*** Anyone who can't stop thinking = pathological issue = an illness = must seek a doctor. I'll indefinitely say TCM, but if you are able to find a good one, lies solely on luck and karma.

To round up my 5-month tea findings, anyone who wants to be on this path healthily must do the following in descending order:

Ban all raw, cold, frozen food
Heal all existing chronic illnesses first with TCM
Right exercise = my Qigong :)
Build a robust spleen + gastric via TCM tonics consistently
Eat a high protein + fat diet of 4-legged land animals
Increase carb intake
Reduce multiple thinkings in the brain drastically
Never let yourself go hungry