Meat Is Bad. Not!

Excerpt from link at below of the article.

"The call to avoid animal fats and red meat has become akin to a sort of gospel for many advocates of healthy eating. But Niman again analyzes a large number of studies and sources to prove that: since 1970 the average consumption of meat has not increased, that indeed the opposite is true; the connections between red meat consumption and hypertension, obesity and chronic pathologies are not all that evident, and that the true culprits may actually be increased sugar and refined flour consumption. "

This is a very rational article from US on meat consumption, and the last sentence on sugar. In TCM, too much sugar wreck havoc in our spleen + gastric, causing an overall decline in health for all other organs. In fact, TCM also caution us against too much salt.

The keyword is, moderation. However, processed food (think, chips, cookies etc) and non-self made meals are often higher in salt and sugar too, I'd recommend going lower than your common average for health.

Meat, is essential to 99% of humans around, there're important amino acids, enzymes, fats that can never be found in plants. Vegans or vegetarians may nay, but real life case studies in me, my students, classmates and friends have proven it.

I'd thumb the amount in at least 40 people.

Meat is not bad, it's an essential, but we MUST treat the animals well if we want to kill them for their carcasses! Like how we must treat the people who help us well too.

in Buddhism, there're The Five Precepts that mentioned about no killing. What many failed to realise is, Buddhism talks about our core agenda = why we do what we do.

If we kill out of the roots of 7 Sins that the Bible has (which are also sins in Buddhism), then we've sinned. But if we're taking lives to help lives and save lives, it's ok. Sustaining our lives = saving lives.

And then comes, no wastage. Wasting meat or anything on Earth is, I'm sorry to say, a sin too. We don't buy, hoard, then finds them expires, and throw away. This is wrong.

But there's a worse wrong = giving it to others. Why give anything bad to others? Just to feel less guilty about wastage? This is an even serious sin than wastage, it's jeopardy. Jeopardizing a fellow living being's health.

I've gone a big round, time to come back. Ha!

In jist, meat is good for most of us (yes, there're people suitable to be vegetarian or vegan), we should and must take meat in amount just enough to sustain us, not more. But while we're doing this, we must exercise our consumer rights and privilege.

By getting the middlemen to take less cut (pun alert! :P) from the poor farmers, so they can upgrade their feed, space and treatment of the animals that will eventually land on our plates.

This is a big circle that will come back to bite or reward us.

On last note, the middlemen = the businessmen, are the ones who are the fattest from the deals, not the farmers. And us consumers suffer because of squeezed margins that the farmers had to do something to survive.

And this, requires the authorities to step in on regulations for minimal rearing standards to be administered for the sake of public health, which we as consumers should stress them in, with our votes.

Peace.  :)