Casestudy: Backache

Case study = Backache.
Student = Government body official.
Issue = Years of chronic backpain.
Remedial = Acupuncture, yoga.
Results = Futile.

Infinite Qigong result = Success in 4 weeks

Student is a government official who is going into her menopausal stage, she has MRI her back that her spine discs have gone very thin = causing chronic pain for a long time.

When she came for class, I asked of her situation and taught her how to improve her posture + Infinite Qigong practice style. I also taught her to make a simple collagen soup that will heal her spine discs fast.

In 4 weeks, just 10 minutes of daily Infinite Qigong exercise (sometimes she will miss out 1-2 days) and making the collagen soup to drink 2x-3x a week, her backpain reduced by 80%.

She also finally felt warmth in the offending area = Qi + blood circulation has regain themselves.

I even noticed her face has a radiance in just 4 weeks.

But I must say, without your willingness to help yourself + do the needful, my skills and knowledge cannot reach you no matter what.  :)