Aircon = Bad?

There's this saying in Singapore, "Aircon is bad!", today I'll share the real story about = Aircon.

To make this post digestible, I'll break down in points:

  • Aircon is bad when it's lower than 25°C
  • Aircon is bad when it's not maintained properly + regularly
  • Aircon is bad when it's placed in wrong places
  • Best not to sleep in aircon

Aircon temperature

Our body works best between temperature of 25°C - 28°C, and different people enjoy different temperature to work or sleep at their optimum.

I work best at 28°C, and sleep at 30°C.

"This would spoil the aircon!"

I live with this ideology, things are meant to serve us, not the other way round.  If things spoil, it can be replaced.  If our health breaks down, it's irreplaceable.  Forever.

"But if I don't sleep at 23°C, I can't sleep!"

This is a typical example of people who have trapped Damp Heat in their body, people of such issue often feel hot in the body.  Some would feel hot in the body, but cold at the limbs.  That's because the Damp has extended beyond the torso.

Many people think that feeling hot in the body or at the limbs = health.

Healthy individuals feel warmth in the body + health, not heat.  And their body has bandwidth to withstand some external heat and cold.

Aircon is bad when it's not maintained properly + regularly

Some aircon are left without proper washing and maintenance that we have to tune to lower and lower temperature to be at the right one e.g we've to use remote control to get it to 23°C to get 25°C temperature.

This will create additional stress to the compressor + increase electricity bill + reduce the longevity of the aircon system.

Poor maintenance will breed mildew, mold and worst case, fungi in the aircon system.

In long run, our lungs will be seriously impaired mysteriously and we spend more and more on medical bills without pin-pointing the root cause.  Long term medication impairs total body functions.

Aircon is bad when it's placed in wrong places

When placed directly above our head or blowing directly at any of our body part = our body needs to work extra hard to main a consistent overall temperature.

In long run, this will impair total body functions and may cause the following issues:

  • Headaches/migraine
  • Frozen shoulder/neck/legs
  • Easily coughs, colds, flus
  • Getting more and more difficult to heal from illnesses
  • Poor sleep
  • Poor temper
  • Poor skin color
  • Poor digestion
  • Poor sex life
  • Low productivity

And more.

Best not to sleep in aircon

This is one of the most misconstrued notion in Singapore about aircon.

Our human body sleeps best at between the temperature of 25°C - 28°C (I sleep at 30°C), how do we manage to have a good night sleep at 32°C summery nights in Singapore?

Singapore is a country of super high humidity (between 80°RH - 90°RH), sleeping without the help of a dehumidifier or aircon means we're sleeping in a sea of moisture (water) without knowing.

In long run, we'll have serious Damp and/or Damp Heat issues.

Damp and/or Damp Heat issues have the following symptoms:

  • Lethargy no matter how much we sleep
  • Digestion issue
  • Skin illness
  • Mushy and/or sticky poo
  • Stinky, nuclear-like poo that can kill a village of people
  • Poor muscle tone
  • Yellowed skin-tone
  • Bad temper or, low moods 

And more.

In my class, I've helped correct many wrong lifestyle habits, taught how to make easy slow cooker soups to re-balance body functions.  If you feel what I wrote are rational and informative, there're more in my classes.

Simply because there're too much health info in my brain, that I can't simply sit and write day-in, day-out.  I'd need to teach people how to relate all these information together, to see the big picture.

Those who followed my sharings and education to the T, never regret coming to me.

Come lah.  :P