The Truth About Honey

Many people take honey these days, for their purported goodness.

However, the honey these days (even the expensive ones) are mostly works of sugar-fed honey bees. This reduce the good properties of the honey significantly.

It impedes the functions of our spleen and gastric. It's scarily bad.

How do we know if your honey is made by sugar fed bees?

Your honey jar or bottle have crystallized sugar in fridge or normal room temperature after it's opened. How does crystallized sugar look like?

At the wall or bottom of your honey jar, a harder or hard settlement of white or lighter tone "honey", that you need to use something to scrap it out.

Sugar fed bees are fed white sugar = simple sugar. Nectar fed bees produce complex sugars, that wouldn't crystallized in any temperature.

Why do beekeepers do that?

To make sure the bees don't abandon the hives when they found better food sources. Because many flowers are contaminated with pesticides, chemical fertilizers that bees don't like, or make low quality honeys.

When we're educated not to store honey in metal bearers, insiders know that commercial honeys are stored in metal drums for exportation purposes. Yes, even your SGD$300 organic honey, they most probably reach repackaging factories in metal drums.

Hives these days are in dire dangers of mites and infestation of diseases, causing widespread hive deaths of bees, it's estimated that this issue is so widespread, that scientists predicted we'll have a agricultural crisis in 50 years.


Because bees are heavily depended to pollinate flowers for commercial fruits, grains and vegetables.

Alot of times, even organic produce are affected, as the bees are known to fly miles beyond their estimated range to seek nectar.

How do we deal with this situation?

By not wasting the food that we buy, buy only enough, so there'll be less demand from agricultural middleman and farmers to produce more and more.

Wastage in rich people and cities give the biggest stress to the agricultural logistics and supply chain.

Will that put the farmers out of business? No.

With a growing world population, no. But it'll make the middlemen less rich. No one will be put out of business.

And our dear Mother Earth will suffer less from us human beans. :)