Case Study By A Renowned S'pore Paediatrician

Yesterday, 2 Western doctors (couple) came to me for private 1-to-1 Qigong lessons. 1 of them is a renowned paediatrician, an old gentleman who has seen much, and he shared a trend noticed of late.

He said, many parents these days, upon the media reporting of eating more fruits and vegetables, let their infant have a predominantly veggie and fruits diet after weaning.

Through the years, he sees increasingly unhealthy + ill kids going to him with a variety of issues:

Poor sleep quality
Poor tempers
Cold limbs
Runny poo
Frequent pee

And more.

1 case was especially exasperating.

1 of the parents of his patient is a vegetarian, and thinking that his new toddler would benefit from being a vegetarian, let him become 1 too.

By the age of 3, the little boy has stunted growth, sickly, and worst, heavy anemic. The doctor ordered the parents to let the boy start on meat, and the kid recovered well.

Throughout the storytelling, I rolled my eyes, and called the parents idiots in my heart.

I've encountered many students asking why their kids fall ill so easily, and in my usual Sherlock Holmes way, I asked them a myriad of questions before coming to a conclusion.

Yes, most of them have too much veggies and fruits in their diet.

After I recommend switching to a balanced diet, the kids recover in a lightning.

Now, I'm sure some of you would ask, what constitute balanced?

As I wouldn't be meeting all of my readers here by affinity, here are my thoughts on balance. Then you all go along observing yourself and your kids' body reactions, and change accordingly.

Balanced diet:

Equal ratio of meat, veggies, eggs
Have white meats and red meats
Organs, offals as a occasional treat
Don't snack
Don't sleep on full or empty tummy

Everything in life is about balance, the findings on red and white meat are overwhelmingly biased on the internet. Most of them are fake.

Some of the articles on the internet are FAKE, made up by tree hugging activists. But I must add, by being omnivorous, doesn't mean we're evil.

Don't be emotionally blackmailed for nothing, please please please.

What we do and contribute as humans to the world means far more than what we put in our mouth. And, everything is fair in the world.

Anything we eat or do in excess will come back to haunt us by way of illnesses and karma in future. This refers to being vegetarian when our body don't like it too.

My body can't take too much veggies and fruits now, I hate eating meat, but I have to.

Never fear the things about hormones and antibiotics in meat, veggies and fruits are laden with plant hormones, pesticides and all other **cides.

They're as harmful to our health as meat hormones and antibiotics. Never assume that just because it's plants = less harm.

The harms are equal, but greater harm awaits when we engage an off-balance diet and Life.

Never listen to hearsays from humans or the internet without prior digestion in your mind, your body is your best friend, heed it.


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