Right Method VS More Methods

Article of mindfulness meditation causing issues in people here.

Exactly what I've shared yesterday in a Mandarin article I wrote in my personal Facebook.

We need simplicity to untie our already tired, complicated mind.

"But but but, I can't empty my mind!"

Only a poor teacher wouldn't know how to guide their students well.

I've succeeded many times, teaching people how to calm down and meditate, whom have been learning from renowned masters for years without results.

I helped them achieve in 5 minutes.

They all come out of the 10 minutes meditation refreshed and astonished, they've never experienced peace + calm in their body for years despite learning from famous masters.

"What sorcery is this!"

Not at all. Once we know human psychology + how our brain works, we'll know how to deal with it. All we need is the right method, not MORE methods. Lol.

"The masters say we need to meditate at least 1 hour to see effects."

Quality over quantity, my friends. Good meditation (or Qigong) right from the start for 15 minutes wins 1 hour of it anytime. Hands and feet down.

Many people meditate for hours with the most part of it trying to conquer minds, the mind needs no conquering. It needs just understanding, then work on it correctly.

We only need the RIGHT method, not MORE methods to deal with issues. :)