The Menopause Tiger

Every women will go thru 2 things in their life = menstruation + menopause.

And menopause can be as suffering as menstruation symptoms, how do we deal with this?  Let me touch on the fundamentals first.

Menstruation years

In our menstruation years, if we suffer alot of mood swings, poor blood flow, breast soreness etc, coupled with high stress or easily stress personality, then our menopause years will foresee issues.


As our body already suffers in our youth + prime days, it's impossible that our menopausal days be smooth sailing.  This is the same rational as using poor ingredients to cook a dish, the eventual result will not be good too.

Hence, I'd implore fellow ladies in their prime now, to take very serious look into their stress levels, diet and life, to prepare ourselves for our menopausal years.  We should do the following:

"Close 1 eye" syndrome

It's ok for certain things to happen, especially housework and kids.

Work is work

Don't be too emotional over work, just deliver our due diligence and leave the issues in office after work hours.  There's only so much we can grip over.

Balanced diet

Keep away raw, cold, frozen food.  Keep away processed food and snacks as much as we can.

Exercise moderately

Can I mention Infinite Qigong®?  :P

Exercise improves mood, Qi and blood flow if done correctly.  :)

Rest well

Many people bring their day stress to bed at night, work is never finished, and worries can never end.  But don't let it affect your Beauty Sleep, it's the only time your body can repair itself.

It's as important as financial savings.

Now, what should I do with menopausal symptoms?

Menopausal symptoms are of the following, I'm sure most of you would have already read from various media = hot flushes, poor sleep, bad temper, headache, sweating, dry skin, poor memory etc.

To counter menopause issues, we must look carefully at 2 sites in our body = Spleen + Gastric, and, Kidney + Liver.

Menopause affects Kidneys most, but why the other organs too?  That's because how our Qi and blood function relies on them too.

If we tries to take TCM herbs for menopause but increased Dampness for our Spleen and Gastric, we'll encounter another set of health issues = soft stools, poor digestion, poor mood etc.

Hence, in our strategy to counter menopause symptoms, we must have herbs all balanced out for Spleen + Gastric, and, Kidney + Liver.  However, different people have varying differences in their body constitution, there isn't a once size fits all solution.

** That'd have been a perfect world....

Over here, I'd recommend ladies to make the following Manopause Soup for yourself, it may help alleviate your issues.

淮山 20gm,白术 20gm,牡丹皮 15gm,茯苓 15gm,党参 20gm,红枣 10gm,熟地 38gm,女贞子 10gm,枸杞子 10gm,芡实 20gm.  Cook with pork ribs in the slow cooker overnight, eat as breakfast or in other meals the next day.

Please note that not everyone is suitable for this soup, as everyone is different.  :)

If you'd like a tailored solution for your Menopause Tiger, come join our Infinite Qigong® class, you wouldn't regret the nice classmates and happy atmosphere, with bay windows and Zen decor.

lah.  :P