Raw Food Diet Will Kill Us

This may sound blasphemy, but the more we follow Western dietary trends and habits, the more bacteria issues in our gut happens.

Do you recall the many bacteria-related cases in US that made many ill?
Do you see the similarity that's happening here?

Instead of advocating balance in their diet, US people went to to find short-cut miracle cures for Super Food to afford them the gluttonous eating habits.

458gm of steak = check.
100gm of fries/mash = check.
500ml of milk shake = check.
100gm of salad = check.

1kg = 1000 gm = 1000ml.

A meal for an adult American at 1.85m and 85kg stands at 1158gm = more than 1 kilogram of food for a meal! A MEAL.

This isn't a meal for a human being, this is for an animal! This what a farm pig would eat, and it's at about 100kg for an adult!

So they go on to have raw food diet to excrete the amount of food piled in their system. Raw food eaten on a constant basis compromise our gastric's ability to fight against external bacteria and viruses.

Raw food weakens our whole body.

News like these will get more, go on worse and worse, if we do not stop eating raw food. Please be aware.

News of raw fish making people ill in Singapore = http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/food-stalls-told-stop-selling-raw-fish-dishes-after-moh-finds-conclusive-link-bacteria