Resting, Seems To Be The Hardest Word

I see an increasingly alarming health crisis in city people = the unwillingness to rest.

They try not to "waste" their time or life away by packing their every waking minute with things to do, read, watch or think. If you think our aging MRT tracks and trains are overworked, then yes, us too.

The unfortunate fact is, while we can change the trains and tracks, we cannot change our body. It's either it survives or die, or worse, totally debilitated on bed till the last breath is drawn.

If we recall carefully, our best creative state comes when we relax. Our minds pop up solutions and ideas in where and when?

Having a shower. 
Pooing on the throne. 
About to drift to sleep. 
Having tea with friends.

If we want to be creative, we must learn to let our minds chill, be unconnected to work, just do nothing. And see how it works even better for us.

We can have medicine and supplements in almost any convenient form, but rest is absolutely old school. There's no short cut about it, you gotta do the deed.

You gotta let everything go for 1 hour, lie on the bed and imagine yourself running amok in the universe on Santa Claus's party of reindeers with the sleigh. Hehehehe. :P

And if you are so inclined to science, scientists find that kids who have more playtime are easier to handle, with a sharper mind. Adults who have reasonably good rest time in the mind are healthier and happier.

Without proper rest in our mind, our body can never be rested, it'd never be able to perform at its optimal. It's like a handphone that never got cleared of its cache.

Everything slows down in time to come.