Dried Persimmon Soup

No offence to SKII at all!  Everything is done for comic effect!  :D

勾魂销魂汤!Ok lah, it's actually dried persimmon soup lah, hor. :D

This is a soup for the Singapore winter, why is that so?
What are the herbs inside?
How does it help our body?

No luxurious ingredients, no need to take a long time to prepare ingredients. Find the fun in cooking!

I'll teach you all the how. :D :D :D


Dried persimmon, 1x
南北杏, 15gm
茯苓, 10gm
芡实, 15gm
Red apple, 1x
Pork ribs, 1 pack

For family of 4-5, x2 for the ingredients I used in the video. And remember ah, never eat the persimmon in the soup after it's cooked!

And the odd chemical reaction is such that, the soup will turn very milky without milk added. Hahahahaha! No need add salt also.