Tea, Is Bad?

My TCM friend popped by last night for a late night tea session with me and we had a great time savouring good tea and chats.

In it, we talked abit on tea and ginseng.

"Many tales about how tea negate ginseng properties has been around for years, what do you think?"

"Ginseng is a tonic, while tea is cooling. Tea cools down especially the gastric organ, so it's a bad combination if the agenda of the medicine is to tonify the body. If it's needed to take away gastric heat, then it's good to use tea."

"Sometimes, I feel some gas in my gastric after consuming tea. How's it so?"

"Tea is a cooling herb/product for the body system, when too much of it goes in, people experience different symptoms. Burps and feeling of bloatedness are some of the few, Chinese ginseng will deal with it."

** If the sufferer has already poor or impaired gastric for years already = ginseng wouldn't resolve the issue easily = a formula of a myriad of herbs must be used to bring the gastric back to health.

*** Ginseng, has a few varieties. Generally, the Chinese ones are more tonifying and the American (Canadian) ones are more cooling.

So for me just earlier, I've added additional Chinese ginseng to my 参苓白术散 to reduce the gas in my tummy. Much gases were expelled!

In my experience so far, ladies suffer more with excessive tea drinking than men in health. Hence, ladies must tread the tea world carefully when navigating in it.

General symptoms of too much tea in the system:

Gassy burps
Trapped gas in upper or lower abdomen
Cold limbs (especially hands)
Cold sweat
Lower core temperature (feeling cold easily)
Pale lips
Heart palpitations
Sweat in in palms or soles
Trembling hands
Deep dark circle under the eye
Slight muscular spasms in random spots of body

And more.