Sour, Spices, Chili = Frozen Shoulder & Other Sufferings

I've a new student yesterday who has frozen shoulder, and wanting to slim down. Not that she's even fat to start with!

Immediately, I go into my Sherlock Holmes mode = fact finding + analysis.

"Is your office aircon cold?"
"Is your stress level ok?"
"Still ok."
"What's your diet like?"

She went at length of her dietary habits. And then.

I saw her water bottle, there were 2 slices of lemons + chia seeds at the bottom.

Voila! I found the answer = heatiness.

Me, "You've had too much chili, spices in your diet and having lemon water everyday increases your body heatiness."

Her, "How is that so??"

And I explained -

In the TCM perspectives, spices and chili increases body heat, which we already know. When we throw in sour food and/or diet, it increases heatiness in our Liver.

Sour goes to the Liver, but excess sour in our food cause Liver heat + impairs gastric and spleen functions. And when Liver heat increases + impaired gastric and spleen functions = tendons + muscles will tighten or shrink.

This cause pain, in long term to come = immobility.

I asked further, "Do you have backache and/or kneecap pain?"
Her, "Yes..."


During class, she has issues to maneuver her arms to the right position. To reduce her suffering immediately, I made some TCM powder drink for her on the spot.

In 5 minutes, her frozen shoulder improved by 50%. However.

It doesn't mean she's cured, the situation is only relieved.

To cure the situation for good, she has to change her diet to be more balanced in taste ( = reduce spices, chili, sour food by at least 70% for now), then take the right TCM herbs to regain her gastric and liver functions.

So her frozen shoulder + backache + kneecap pain + slim down abit more = are cured for good.

Now these, requires loads of will power.

In my experience, students with utmost will power in their dietary, emotional changes see the fastest results. Often within 2 months.

2 months, to see great changes for issues suffering for 20 years.

This is what will power + a right mind do to our health. Imagine how our Life would be turned around if it's used in every aspect of us?

It'd be phenomenal.

I guarantee that.  :)