Do You Need A Devil?

I've been thinking recently, we've gotten to the zenith of civilization.

Email, smartphone, Internet, TV, Kindle.

We don't need more, we've too much.

We've so much now that we don't have enough time for ourselves and family, friends too. We've so much now that we are often torn between 200 choices.

We've gamers who get themselves into situations that's life threatening. Looking at Pokemon Go.

Don't we have enough games to frizz our minds already? Looking at Pokemon Go again.

We don't need faster cars, they're fast enough already.
We don't need better smartphones, they're too good already.
We don't need faster computers, we can't finish our work already.

Everywhere is information, never have we come to an era where learning is so vast, easy, accessible, and cheap.

Most of us, with the modern conveniences, are working more than we should. Back in our dad's days, he comes home to rest.

There wasn't smartphone to work on emails or play games with, or watch videos. Our folks belong to us once they reach home.

Now, no.

While I lament at these, secretly, I thank my good karma for being a '78 kid. It was the best era to be born from the 70s to mid 80s.

All of us had a life, all of us get to play outdoors. Sesame Street was THE thing.

But now, as our greed for more spins further, we're sucked into the Black Hole of losing ourselves to work and temptations all around.

And at the end of the day, we're exhausted.
And because we're exhausted, our health suffer.
And as our health suffer, our mind + emotions suffer.

As our mind + emotions suffer, more and more people got into mental issues, or sub-mental issues.

Sub, meaning they're not bad enough to be admitted into an institution, but they become a Black Hole of their social network = no one wanna be with them.

Or, they congregate with the same. And 1 fine day, something terrible happens.

I was stuck with Facebook, because I don't want to miss out the good things my fellows post, so I can share positive things for all in my Friends list. And the lurkers on my public timeline.

Then my eyes start to deteriorate.

It's also because my workload increase with more students and things to do. I deleted the Facebook app in my smartphone.

I made myself use the tedious way to go into Facebook if I want, so I'll be slowly off it. And 1 day, I realised what modernity has did to me.

Even with utmost kind intentions for my social media, I realized I've gotten the burnt end of it too. I'm already lucky because I don't play games and watch videos on my smartphone.

But the rest? It's appalling, and very worrying.

We've enough of technology breakthroughs, we don't need further breakthroughs.

We now need to regain ourselves, regain rest time, regain health in our body, mind, and spirit.

We need to reduce the greed for more speed, more money, more things.

I'm looking at businesses, large MNCs, as we speak.

I've the fortune to work with different levels of people in my unusual work. As they tell me how the company is reducing staff, I see stock prices going up.

Stock prices are to satisfy shareholders and the greedy BOD.

We shouldn't improve the bottomline by working our people to death, this is wrong. The C-levels don't need to earn so much.

Earning USD$10 millions a year, do you have 10 kids studying to be doctors or scientists or lawyers in your brood?

Do you need to earn the price of a Ferrari every month?

I'm not asking people not to be rich, it's important to be rich. It's good to be rich.

But we don't need so much wealth.

Wealth is needed if we're building houses, hospitals, schools for the poor. Otherwise, either we're happy seeing the numbers in the Swiss bank account, or, we using them to buy ultra luxury stuff.

I know what ultra luxury stuff are, many don't.

Do we need ultra luxury stuff? Can't the money be used as more benefits + bonuses for employees?

And us average people, do we need so much bags, shoes, smartphones, cars, clothes, books that we don't read, we?

I'm not campaigning for Communism, it erodes human spirits.

I'm not campaigning for frugality, it's unhealthy.

But the amount of excesses in all of us, it's obscene to the point that they've become a Devil in us.

A Devil that we made, invite, and adored.

Do we need a Devil?