Science At The Expense Of Ethics?

Just finished watching a documentary on Vision Four, Brainwashed, in the hotel room.

It's about an elaborate experiment to see if a normal, sane, law-abiding, psychologically balanced individual be hypnotized to be an assassin.

The experiment was a success.

Before the end of the documentary, I'd expected it to be a success but this is beyond the point. As I watch the show coming along, I was reminded what 南怀瑾 taught in his books.

That our Chinese ancestors long knew human beings are capable of doing great destructions, hence the thousands of years on moral education instead of material education.

Material education = building, finding and making of tangible or intangible things.

His books mentioned extensively of the negative aspects of human beings deep in our heart, much like the 7 Sins in the Bible. That we need to cultivate ourselves deep enough to stem and retard the growth of these seeds from forming and be a negative energy of the society.

That interesting but juvenile show from US, while good, also demonstrated how dangerous it is when the Western world are not grounded in morals and ethics, what they'd do to get things proven in the name of science.

To find out the how and if a hypothesis will work.

By this, I'm not trying to show that I'm proud to be a prude, on the contrary, the dearth of such education in the Western world has spread to the Eastern world in the name of advancement for humanity and science, is too dangerous.

It's like a 2-year old wanting to know what fire is like in his hands, and got a lighter in the storeroom of the house. Away from adults.

Many scientists and normal people engage in seemingly calculated risk without the ability to see things in a macroscopic view enough for a broad and deep spectrum.

This is dangerous.

"But humanity cannot advance if we don't continue to explore and move forward!"


By moving forward, it should be in the motivation of improving lives, improving education of our children and fellow human beings. Not at the expense of toying the depth of our conscience and consciousness for something we wouldn't normally do.

Like this show, if a psychologically balanced person can be hypnotized to kill.

What would happen to the person after the success of the experiment? The hypnotist claimed that the test subject wouldn't turn evil because the experiment. But who is to know?

The history and understanding of hypnotherapy and hypnosis has been short and shallow, never extensive enough. Who is good enough to be so sure that successful test subjects wouldn't change psychologically thereafter?

There're certain realms that we shouldn't touch for the sake of conscience and responsibility towards our fellow human beings and society at large.

So for this, I concur that our Chinese forefathers are right, in focusing morals and ethical education than anything else from young. Yes, the world may not be a better place because of that, but we definitely know that we can help it from turning worse within all efforts that we can gather.