Poor Health After Childbirth

Many ladies these days feel a general body weakness after childbirth that no matter what they do, they can't get it back like last time before childbirth. For some, found that it's not easy or unable to go for a 2nd baby. Why?

Husbands, don't you feel sad seeing your wife got so weak after she extended your family name?

In the Chinese philosophies to Health and TCM, women who underwent childbirth is a major incident in life, they need to recuperate fully in the 1-month confinement = 坐月子。

Those who adhered to strict dietary and daily routine requirements in the confinement period, often find their body adjust better and easier to working life thereafter. Those who don't, will struggle heavily.

Some may ask, "But why? The Westerners don't do that!"

Ah, do we notice that elderly Western ladies (especially American ones), swell up pitifully in their twilight years? Their skin are so full of cellulite or shriveled up? They can't even walk well?

** Some of the Western guys suffer from the same too.

Have you all ever heard how Westerners often find us Chinese much younger than we look?

For all these questions, did anyone ask why?

It's much more than genes that the Chinese are such, it's how we know to eat and live our life better, that we suffer less than them at all stages of our lives = due to our TCM and the knowledge of 养生 = the Chinese philosophies to cultivating life.

Women who have PMS, gynea, post-childbirth (including unable to conceive after the 1st baby) issues are all linked to poor Qi and blood circulation due to wrong food intake and lifestyle.

Some of my students suffer from combinations of post-childbirth issues:

They're always tired
Easily breathless, pale/yellowed face
Feeling very cold easily
Feeling always hot in the body
Temper flare-ups even more
Poorer and poorer appetite
Erratic menstruations
Always feeling ill
Some starts to have white hair
Back pain
Gained horrible amount of weight
Easily cold, flus and coughs

Alot of times post-childbrith, ladies are inflicted with either of, or a permutation of the issues below:

Accumulation of wind + damp
Exhausted internal body resources (nutrients)

By practicing Infinite Qigong, it'll help the body to kickstart the Qi and blood flow, but this isn't enough. The body needs the right nutrients and herbs to replenish the lost resources, Qigong isn't food, it cannot do what food can.

I will advice what to eat, what daily routine to tweak to get the fastest changes to your health. Every new student will get to talk to me, so I know of the conditions, lifestyle, food preference, work load etc better, so to give the best advice.

Every student's advice is different, so everyone will receive individualized advice. They are not difficult, as long as we want to gain our former healthy glory.

When we grow old reasonably healthy, get to see our offsprings graduate, marry, have grandchildren. Then lifted of all Life's commitments, we can do what we want when we get old.

Isn't this something to look forward to in our Life? :)

Join us now, and change your life today.  Or your money back.  :)