The Singapore Weather & 4 Seasons

I just welcomed a pair of new couple-students, where the husband is a very handsome South African and the wife is a local Singaporean.  Both suffer poor health and I'd a good long talk with them on every aspect of their lives to find out why.

Then I pin-pointed to their diet.

Husband, "But I eat all these spices for life in Cape Town, and I'm healthy!  Why am I not healthy here now?"

He falls ill very often in Singapore, but hardly ever in Cape Town.  His fingernails are flaking apart, he's lethargic, often thirsty and cannot sleep well at night.  That's aside the host of issues which I shouldn't bore you with.

If we notice and observe carefully, eczema sufferers often find respite once they visit countries out of the South East Asia e.g Australia, New Zealand, Japan etc.

If we notice and observe carefully, Singaporean Chinese skin tone often look sallow, yellowish or white (not fair = has pink) compared to the China Chinese.

If we notice and observe carefully, we're more energetic once we're in countries out of the South East Asia but in the same time-zone anywhere else of Asia.

Why?  Why do all these happen?  What is wrong with Singapore?

The weather.  

It's the wrong weather for good human health for most of South East Asia.

These countries are tropical countries just abit away from the Equator, while Singapore lies right on it.  The weather everyday is hot, hot and hot, with some respite of cooler 26°C (thereabouts) in the tropical winter.  But only for some days.

This means our metabolic rate is forced to be on the high on almost every single day.

In countries where there're apparent seasonal changes (not necessary snow), our body goes through a period of rest with the cold weather.  The cold autumn to winter season lasted about 4 months thereabouts, this gives our whole body's metabolism rest for 4 months.

Meaning, it doesn't need to work as hard to keep it going and burn alot of resources like the choo-choo train.  When the body has rest with the apparent seasons, alot of us are healthier.

My sister lived in Europe for 12 years, study then work there, she always feel her health is better than when back in Singapore.  When she had a 6-month university internship in New Zealand, she'd better health too.  She came back chubby, and I almost couldn't recognize her.

My dear sister is a skinny Bone Spirit - 白骨精。  :P

**  Sorry, honey!  :D

I'm very sure some of you feel the same when living in other places for a while, whether for study, work or play.  The weather simply loves you and you feel really good there, right?

I know, I feel the same when I'm in Taiwan.  Ah, lovely lovely place.

Now, we're back in Singapore, we've to stay put and what should we do to mitigate or negate what the weather dishes us?  What should we do to have reasonable health and bring back the glow to our skin?

Bring back the pink on the face, kick out the yellow skin, kick out the lethargy, kick out poor energy and all?


We must use the diet strategy as the first line of defense and counter attack what the weather brought us.  Because food is what fuels our body for our spirits and emotions, we need to feed this temple well.

And for this, we need to learn from the Cantonese in China.

Canton (or Guangzhou) is a place of (quite) tropical weather that's nearest to Singapore, to counter what it brings, the ancient Cantonese left a wealth of wisdom in the diet strategy to make sure health is reasonably good with high energy level.

The Cantonese diet is of the 4Ss = Steam, Stew, Soups, (light) Stir-fry.

Their soup making knowledge is superb at extracting all the goodness of the ingredients and infuse that plain water with it's wholesome goodness, and all we have to do is drink it.  There's no need to eat the ingredients, the Cantonese deemed the cooked ingredients in that soup pot as useless, so no one should eat it.

Consider this.

The reasonably healthy Cantonese Chinese has no freckles, has supple skin, nice glowing hair, pink in the skin, few winkles, balanced body weight as compared to the Westerners (especially Americans), then we know which diet wins.

The latest statistic from USA says, 1/2 of the population is obese, something isn't right there, right?  This means the American diet, food fads and health trends are wrong, despite being endorsed by doctors and scientists.  Something is quite wrong.

Because Canton (Guangzhou) has a climate very near to South East Asia, there're much to learn from in terms of getting good health like them.  This is what I discovered when experimenting in myself in the last 5 years from the Dark Age of my heart attack.

These worked superbly well in the students that I've saved too, this is why I've the confidence to write this for all to share.

"But I love my fried food!  I love my chilli!  I love my curry, rendang, nuts and seeds and all!  HOOOOOW???"

Stay calm and drink some soup.  :P

We've to weigh the balance in our emotions:

Energetic, healthy, beautiful skin, nimble mind
Lethargy, unhappy, poor skin, sticky mind

I think the answer is very obvious, we just need to make the choice.  A whole body of good health VS an unhappy tongue that'll adapt soon, it's easy to make the choice, we just need the will power to do it.

** Please watch Rocky twenty times as you overhaul your diet, you will succeed.  :D

When we can't change the weather, we need to change ourselves, because poor health isn't just such.  As we age, it brings a host of issues that we all dread.

As a body age in the wrong diet and wrong weather, it'll lose its functions faster and faster.  This will cause blockages and it's where all the tumors and blood clots start.

"Ok, then I'll go on a detox diet!"

The detox diet is a new food fad that hasn't stood the test of time, meaning, it destroys more than it helps.  If you've been through it, allow me to list how your body reacts with a harsh detox diet of Western herbs, vegetables, fruits and meal-replacement food.

Always hungry
Cold palms and feet
Thinning rapidly (or ballooning up)
Menstrual issues
Slowing mind
Poor skin
Aches and pains
And more

Please don't think that going to the "toilet to purge" is a good sign of detox, it's torture, not detox.  When the body is forced to go through such "purging" effects, it's forcing the colon, rectum and large intestine to overwork.

If you'd feel hateful, angry and tired when you overwork, then please consider what they'll be like if they overwork - they'll give up working (because they've no bills to pay and only work to do) and this will start a string of domino effects to the rest of the organs.

The health will start failing, then the body will start failing.

I've seen alot of people who suffer terribly without knowing why in the so-called detox strategies, some ended up in the hospital.  I almost ended up in the hospital 10 years ago playing with these trendy American health stuff.

If you want to achieve your bucket list and be healthy for your family or ambitions, join my class, I'll teach you how to achieve them.  I guarantee you'll never regret it.

Or your money back.  :)