Wrong Tonics Destroy Kids

The recent case of a teenager attempted rape, from watching rape-themed porn has many tsk-ing away in the social media.

But many are not aware that it's an illness, of both physical and mental, which are inter-related.

In the past (think 40 years ago on), people are not well-fed, and no technology to get porn easily, minds are simpler = less such issues in young people.

Now, kids at 9 years old saying they love certain idols or love a certain boy/girl. Some starts even younger.  What gives?

It's the over-nutrition of the wrong things.

When a woman is pregnant these days, they're given tonics of unproportional levels, this spikes the sex hormones in the baby.  When the baby arrives, and in their growing up years, thinking that tonics boost immunity, they're given ginseng or cordyceps etc.

This is horribly wrong.

Tonics for babies, kids and pregnant moms should be body building food, not hormone-spiking food. What are they?

Korean ginseng
Expensive Chinese ginseng
雪蛤 (from a certain frog's womb)
Vitamin + mineral candies
And many others

Chinese herbs of neutral properties should be given to improve immunity, build muscles and bones, and they're cheap. Not the above. What are they?

淮山 (Chinese yam)
Lotus seeds
Pork, beef, fish, chicken etc
And many others

If can, buy organic meat and produce where possible. There'll be no or less hormones in them. Sure that they're smaller and less meat, but they're clean and healthy.

Anyone realized that eggs these days are large? Eggs from chickens of our backyard are small?  Because hormones are given to egg-laying chickens.

Now, let's not start scolding businessmen, we're the ones who make it happen.

Don't we all go for bigger, more colorful, no worm bitten stuff when we go marketing?  Don't we go for "2-for1" things in our marketing?

Businessmen just react to our demands, if we are willing to shell out more money for quality produce, they'll react to it. Because the money is there.

When children are hormone-pumped in their body, they'll turn to sex and love very soon, like 8 or 9 years old, without knowing the repercussions to it.  Boys and girls will want to taste the forbidden fruit when they can.

Education is difficult in this sense, would you listen not to have sex when you're mesmerized with your first love? If you can't, please don't expect it on your kids.

And threats made of lies will cause trauma leaving shadows in their mind affecting marriages + love relationships in future.

What we can do is:

Give them clean food as much as we can afford
Don't give hormone-spiking Chinese tonics
Have more family time reading, or watching TV together
Go outdoor e.g parks and beaches, expend their energy
Talk about bad influences from bad friends
Teach how to discern good people, make friends with them
Teach how porn can destroy lives and minds

Never worry that without these tonics, the kids wouldn't develop well.  As long as the kids are hitting the growth milestones more or less the same as others, they WILL turn out ok.  They'll develop ok 200%.  This is a guarantee.

On other note, we're responsible for the world we're living in now, to save our world and future generation, we must know to make better choices.  One of it is, don't waste anything.

Don't buy more clothes, bags, shoes than we need. Don't buy more food than we need.

"This would put businesses out of business!"

When we want less, we would need less money. When we've lots of wants, we'd need loads of money.  This is logical, ain't it?

Not everyone has 10 kids who are able to make it to Harvard or MIT, most don't have a Joseph Schooling = most people don't need to make so much money.

People love the ideal of having lots of money, for emergencies, for "the rainy day".

If we are prudent savers, buy all the necessary insurances, don't take unnecessary risks (mountain climbing, bikers, bungee jump, alcoholic etc), we have little worry for most emergencies....

The rate of getting caught without enough money is very low.

This goes the same for our retirement.

If we live a balanced life (food + play), have a happy relaxed opened mindset, chances of a poor and illness-stricken twilight years is low too.

We don't need so much tonics, we don't need so much money.

With less, there'll be less stress, less issues, less problems.

Far less.  :)