When Skin Kills

News article of a lady whose skin issue was so bad that she almost died from seeking treatments for it.

It's so sad that she hasn't found a right TCM doctor to get herself healed.

Many local TCM diagnosed correctly but prescribe wrongly. How could that happen, you ask?

Because the matrix to the right prescription requires in-depth knowledge of herbs and their synergies together, PLUS how it synergize with different people's bodies.

It takes a prodigy to excel in TCM, but only an intelligent to excel in Western medicine. Western medicine isn't complex.

Oh, pain here, take this. Oh, cough, have phlegm, take this.

Don't we hear these so often? Yes, there is no complexity in Western medicine at all.

But exactly because TCM is so complex, mediocrity is the norm and this sinks TCM into the deeper mud of bad name. Skin conditions isn't difficult to treat for TCM. But.

It requires a high level of expertise in dietary knowledge so the whole strategy to recovery is complete. Meaning, even if great medicine is prescribed, but we continue eating the wrong food to negate the medicinal effects....

It's taking 1 step forward then 2 steps back.

We are what we eat.

Just the thought of it gives me shivers down my spine. Why? I spent hell of the time, money and effort to learn diet and the relation to TCM medicine, got successful with myself, then I now impart my students.

And sadly, many academia-trained TCM doctors are not trained in the diet aspects at all.