Risks Of Perfume

I'd wanted to write this for sometime, and got to it now.

Don't buy cheap perfume.

Cheap perfume are made with 100% synthetics and can affect our nerves badly and steadily in the long run.

Meaning, we cannot see the effects of cheap perfume on our health immediately, maybe not even in 5 years. But things can erupt abruptly in 10 years, and no one can pin-point the issue to synthetic perfumes.

The harm goes by the olfactory glands into the brain, then spread to the other nerves in our body. In long run, it dulls our senses and loaded our body with the synthetic fumes.

Ok, what's synthetics?

They're made from petroleum = the petrol that goes into our car.

If anyony really likes perfume, I'd recommend buying good ones from reputable brands like Guerlain, they're made with 100% natural material for their good range.

But the price would bite.

Otherwise, you may go for perfumes made by age old perfumery from India or the Middle East, made from 100% natural material.

But the price would bite too.

Me myself don't use perfume, I allow my personal scent to go au naturale, so I can check myself on the current state of my health. Yes, how we smell tells alot.

If I'm odorless = my body is in balance.

If I'm smelling sourish = my body is off-balance.

Which I'd then track back my diet and lifestyle for the recent days, to understand where I'd gone wrong with my life, and make adjustments accordingly.

There's a way to make perfume without your wallet being bitten = using a mix of essential oils you like, mix into distilled water, shake VIGOROUSLY, then spray on yourself for some scent.

** Some essential oils blend well in alcohol, you can get some Vodka perfume. Vodka because it's odorless = doesn't affect the eventual aroma of the blend.

However, I don't recommend using any scent (natural or not) daily and in concentrated amount.

Our nerves and olfactory glands would be "used" to the scent in time to come, and dulled by it. Once our nose don't "feel" the same level of aroma, we'd tend to spray more.

This would load our system more and more, and dull our senses in time to come.

And it'd still affect our health, albeit not in such a scary way like 100% synthetic cheap perfume. :)