Puberty Crisis In Singapore

Today, my Qigong class welcomed yet a younger student, a 16 year old girl, who came with her family.

At first look, she doesn't look like someone of deep chronic issue, upon asking do I uncover a horrible body issue that could be widespread amongst young girls now.

And I blame our government for it.

The 16 year old girl just had her first menstruation and reported of feeling heat in her body, thirst and (I also suspect) lethargy. Her body is thin (some may call it svelte) like many girls now.

When I heard of her symptoms, I got very worried. Because this is a classic symptom of blood deficiency, and this isn't just that.

This blood deficiency body symptoms should come at age 30 and above.


Our Singapore kids are aging far too early and advanced! This is surely a calamity for Singapore's future!

Young girls who just started menstruation shouldn't feel such high body heat and thirst! They should only feel a slight increase in body heat, then ebb after a week or 2.

This issue isn't atypical, I've another student's daughter who's having menstrual issues in her polytechnic age now. I thought it was just an one off issue, hence didn't write about it.

Please do not for a moment think it's a girls issue, young boys deprived of the same sleep and filled with heavy activities will develop lethargy, premature ejeculation, impotency and low thinking abilities like the previous 26 year old student I'd written earlier.

I'm very sure this doesn't happen to just one or two odd younglings around, this is a widespread issue amongst our younglings! And do anyone know why our younglings are suffering from poor health now?

Full day school from primary school on.

Human beings from birth need alot of sleep, so the body can grow and our hormonal glands develop successfully. Humans only need less sleep after puberty years = 21 to 23 years old on. Being deprived of naps from primary school on from full day school is detrimental to our growth = affect our puberty years on.

Meaning, this is aging our body prematurely by lacking proper sleep and filling with heavy school activities from young will see more and more severe symptomatic chronic diseases in our mid life = 30 years old on. This will break our country's productivity levels and health care costs, from the government and individual sides.

And with our younglings unhealthy at such a young age, they cannot procreate well, or beget babies who are healthy. This is a downward vicious cycle that'll doom Singapore.

This is a calamity.

What our education ministry should do is enforcing noon or afternoon naps for primary school kids for 2 hours daily. At the family side, parents must enforce limited computer, smartphone and tablet time to rest their eyes and reduce over-stimulation to the brain nerves.

If Singapore wants a healthy workforce with reasonable longevity, our education system must have an overhaul. Health of our younglings are far more important than GDP, the flawed transportation system and high public housing prices.

Because a country like Singapore's only asset is human beings, if the human beings are unhealthy, doom is more than certain.

It's guaranteed to happen.