Germs, Parasites, Bacteria In Our Health

I was telling my students before class 1 day, of the germs, parasites, bacteria in our body.

Our body have loads of the baddies in our body, in almost every pathways + crevices. The difference in our health levels = whether they erupt to make us ill.

There're 1001 ways to make ourselves ill, but predominantly these:

Poor diet
Poor lifestyle
Poor hygiene
Poor state of mind (read, emotions)

Any one of the above in serious off-balance will cause us to be seriously ill, a combination of a little of off-balance in all will cause us to be seriously ill.

"Is it possible to get rid of our body of them so we can be healthy?"

Unfortunately, no.

Even a vegetarian/vegan, have the same amount of the baddies in the body as the omnivores. There is no way to make ourselves totally "clean" of all the baddies.


We live in the bubble of a cleanroom, however, living in a far too clean environment compromise our immune system too.

"Huh? Why?"

Let's imagine this.

Our immune system is a trained army, they're trained to handle the baddie. With the absence of baddies, there's nothing for them to deal with = they've no job to do.

When they've nothing to do on a daily basis, they'll crumble and attack the host (read, us, our body) and we'll be in health danger.

This is an extreme scenario on explaining immune system and the baddies in us, but it's not exactly a realistic one, 'cos no one's health can be exactly, perfectly devoid of baddies.

It's medically and scientifically impossible.

Hence, the way to health, is finding our own middle path, our own balance so we're healthy. Not following any hearsay or food trend, because it won't work for everyone.

No 1 cure is suitable for everyone, no one therapy is suitable for every disease. Why?

Because like fingerprint, everyone of us has a different set of health dynamics to be treated differently. If none of us have the same fingerprint or iris, then it's the same for our health balances, no?

Very logical, yes?

This is why real TCM is a very dynamic medical system that adapt to different individual for their individual issue to prescribe a set of herbs just for them to recover their health.

And this is why, I talk to students individually to find out more about their state of health and advice differently, so they regain their balance.

Health = balance. :)