Of Fresh Air

I received an enquiry from a student, asking if they'd run out of fresh air (or short of) practicing in the enclosed TIQ Center.

Our human body consumes a range of a master bedroom to common bedroom cubic square meter of air per day.

Working on the math, an hour of slow movement + breathing Qigong class in TIQ Center requires about 10% of the said space of air.

In our TIQ Center, we're equipped with a space technology air purifier of negative ion generator (not ozone). It can purify air at a high rate with a full class of 15.

So the concern for air freshness is negligible.

However, the bigger concern that we neglect is the amount of water vapor we transpire in the class. Water vapor is what trap bacteria, viruses, dust etc, to make air dirty and make people ill.

To combat this issue, we've long equipped ourselves with a top grade dehumidifier of an effective range for 3000sqft, to be used in almost every Qigong class.

The studio side of TIQ Center is about 2000sqft, the capacity of the dehumidifier is more than enough to handle the amount of water vapor transpired by students in the class.