Women's Issues

Many ladies these days have many inexplicable woes:

Virginal discharge of various colors, smells, constituency
Menstrual blood clots
Menstrual cramps
Menstrual tiredness
Menstrual tempers
Menstrual quantity
Menstrual breast soreness
Irregular menstruation
Ovulation spotting/bleeding
Ovulation tummy pain

Along with it is poor skin, poor appetite, poor sleep, poor muscle mass and weight issues.

And when ladies hit menopausal stage, another set of problems set in.

Hot flushes
Irregular menstruation
Poor temper
Poor memory
Poor skin tone
Aching joints and back

The more issues we have in our menstrual years = the more suffering we're likely to encounter in our menopausal years.

When we sought western medicine help, hormonal pills are prescribed, but there're dangers lurking behind them - Cancer.

Is there a better way to deal with it?
Is there a way that doesn't harm the body?

Ladies, your body serves you till you have babies, your working life, your menopausal life, your twilight years....You must have the knowledge to love it well, to help you live better and happier.

And when you're healthy, you're happy. When you're happy, your spouse/partner will be happy, everything in Life lights up.

Isn't this great to own? A happy body?

Unlike other Qigong sects that teaches only the movements, I offer a full strategy to reasonable health. What are they?

Dietary advice (easy, yummy soups)
Lifestyle advice (finetuning your life)
TCM advice (if needed)
Perceptional happiness

Why do we need a full strategy towards good health? Because anything successful in Life requires various elements to work together, not by a sole element.

A great dish is created by the main ingredients, seasonings and good cooking skills = these are the successful elements to it.

A great business is created by a good boss, good product, great team in the company = these are the successful elements to it.

So with health, it's also a range of successful elements to make things happen, and you can find it here in Infinite Qigong. Only in Infinite Qigong, Singapore. Nowhere else.

Life is hard enough, we should live better and easier especially with our body. Join us at Infinite Qigong, work with Master Geno now.

If you want truly better health, I will be with you for it.  And turn your life into a much better, happier and healthier one.  :)

Join us now, and change your life today.  Or your money back.  :)

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