The True Story Of Poo

Many people start to worry when they missed 1 major toilet business a day = the poo, and then started worrying of the following:

Am I constipated?
Would the poo get stuck in my system?
Would I be poisoned by my poo?
Am I unhealthy?

And then, there're many notions about passing motion...

I must poo at least once a day
I must eat loads of fruits + veggies to poo
If I don't poo everyday = I'm unhealthy

This article will dispel all the myths about our poo.  :)

Poo amount

People who eat like a bird actually have little content to poo at the end (pun!) of the day.

When our input (food) is too little, the output (poo) will naturally be constricted.  In the Chinese phrase = 懒人屎尿多, says exactly this.

If our daily activity is full of mind and body works, our poo output would naturally be less than people who have little to do in the day e.g elderly, the convalescing etc.

We must poo every single day

No, we don't need to poo everyday to be healthy, especially if we don't eat alot.  Some ladies eat like a bird, the rational is that, they cannot be expected to poo like an elephant, yes?

It's only unhealthy if we don't poo for 3 day + feeling bloated + feeling lethargy.  All these symptoms must come together to signify constipation, some people just poo once every 2 days and it's really fine.

We must eat loads of fruits + veggie to poo

This is one of the wrongest (hehehehe!) notion to have about our pooing business.  Many people who poo after taking loads of veggies + fruits are simply because of a very weakened spleen.

Fruits are mostly very cooling by nature = attacks the spleen with too much cold + damp.  When the spleen is weakened, it'll naturally stimulate the colon to poo.  However, this is a sign of poor health!

How do we know if our spleen is weakened?

  • Lethargy after pooing
  • Lethargy every morning after waking up
  • Soft and/or mushy poo
  • Poo that stuck to the toilet bowl after flushing
  • Poor digestion = bloatedness, poor appetite, indigestion etc
  • Always tired no matter how much we sleep
  • Yellowed skin (meaning, our skin is more yellow than fellow Chinese)
  • Red blood dots on limbs and/or body
  • Losing muscle tone = flabby muscles
  • Poor skin radiance = no shine on skin

A healthy person with daily poo would never get the above issues.

We must eat animal fats to facilitate smooth pooing business

This is something very compelling that I must educate, animal fats + pooing.

When we don't take sufficient animal fats in our diet, our poo business will get affected.  Why?

Our large + small intestines must be lubricated well, so the food + waste in it can move smoothly (ermmm...pun?).  To lubricate it, animal fats are the most ideal, and preferably fats from the 4-legged e.g cow's or pig's.

Plant fats do not work as well, because the fatty acid chain are very different from animal fats.

It's like apple and durian, they're fruits but entirely different.  Plant and animal fats are fats, yes, but they're entirely different stuff.  They work differently in our body.

I've students who said they eat very healthily, follow my recipes + food list, and their poo business isn't smooth still.  I smile.

"You all don't drink down the fats in the soups or eat belly pork, right?"
"How do you know??"
"Of course I know, because if you do, you wouldn't complain of poor toilet business!"

When I mention eating meat, I also mean eating the fats too.  However, I don't mean eating pork belly or beef brisket every single day.

No, I never say that.

What I mean is, don't have every single meal, every single day of utter lean meat.  We must have some fats in our body system.  Fats in the system not only facilitate our poo business, it helps to keep our joints healthy!

Many people who eat utter lean meat or on vegetarian diet almost always have hard creaky joints. 跑不了的。

And then, almost always, I'll hear people say, "Yeeeer...fats will make us fat!  Or give us cholesterol!"

People, people, people, balance, balance, balance.

I've never said every single meal up there, I just say have some.  Meaning, if you're eating pork belly, eat everything up happily.  

If you're having toast, eat the butter happily.
If there're oil from the pork on the soup, lap it up.

Simple as that.  I guarantee you, your skin, poo business and the joints will thank you immensely for it.

But let me reiterate, don't have them in super high amounts = don't eat pork belly every 3 days!  :)