How The Western Medical World Is Waking Up

Please read this article from the West.

The West is now slowly waking up to at least 30 years of deeply flawed studies on food, nutrition and impact on health.

When I was in the organic health food and supplement industry more than 10 years ago, I'd read every single article from USA and tried 90% of all the supplements people are eating now. From the articles, I'd experimented on myself for the effects.

I can say without a quiver on my conscience, that supplements and those health fads don't work, and my gastric system issue at that time was saved by TCM. Not supplements or more vegetables.

I almost died from them actually.

Western medical history has only 300-400 years to boost, it's primitive, juvenile and poorly researched clinically. Western medicine do not cure.

Traditional Chinese medicine history is at least 5000 years, very advanced, philosophical with at least 300 million of clinical empirical experience. TCM cures.

I've students and friends telling me the West is heading for doom with their methodology on medicine, I've a different view.

They'll not head for doom, as all human beings are afraid of death. When things start to get out of hand, they'll find a way to survive, any way.

They'll start to get very curious of TCM and slowly turn towards it.

To live, every human being will grab the straw in the drowning ocean. TCM will be their last straw. :)

** Having said that, many TCM doctors are not good enough to grasp the complex matrix to cure people well. Some even make a bigger mess out of the issues.