Why Can't We Lose Fats?

Weight gain is something many ladies fret over, guys do too now, because they're not as handsome and suave as their youthful times.

Let's establish what is true weight gain first before we continue, shall we?

  1.  Weight increase by 10kg within 10 years (or more) + cannot lose it.
  2.  Weight increase with lethargy, poor skin, poor digestion, poor sleep, poor memory etc.

Weight gain is a sign of unbalanced health, if we're unbalanced all the way till old age, we get any or a combination of the major chronic health issues that is rampant in modern cities around the world.  Our probability of getting a stroke, or heart attack, or cancer also increases tremendously.

People get into health problems in middle age now, so it's more dire than we imagine.

If we acknowledge that we're weaker and more ill than our grandparents or great-grandparents times, then we need to do something about it.  Good health till we die isn't achievable.  It's very attainable.

    With such weight gain, then it's something we need to be careful and look into, if you have the 2 above weight gain characteristics, read on.  This article may just save your life.

    Why do we gain weight?

    Weight gain, by right, should be gradual and increase not more than 20% from our slimmest teenage years.  Anything more than 20% - 25% of weight gain from those years = something is unbalanced in our health.

    We gain weight with 1 or a combination of the below ways:

    • Workload, life and work stress
    • Unsuitable eating habits
    • Lifestyle e.g Poor sleep, Alcohol, poor meal times
    • Child-birth and/or PMS
    • Alternate therapies and/or detox programs

    Let's look into these 1 by 1.

    Workload, Life & Work Stress

    Those who need to work till 9pm - 10pm are most hit by this category of weight gain.  In the TCM perspecive, working so late create alot of stress to our Kidneys, Liver and Spleen.

    Once these organs are affected, they affect how we digest and metabolize our food and water, which eventually affect how our body absorb and utilize nutrients.

    Many who need to work late often don't have peaceful good meals, this will send the signal to the brain an emergency signal that the body cannot receive enough nutrition to use for the whole body.

    Then the body will send the signal back to RETAIN everything in to prepare itself for the harsh conditions (stress), gains weight, and pass out the meaningless fiber in form of poo.  This issue also affects our hormone production that's important for weight control too.

    This is how high workload ones gain weight, and feel lethargy, have poor sleep, poor digestion, poor skin, memory and etc.

    Unsuitable Eating Habits

    There're many odd food fads these days, ladies and gentlemen who look forward to lose weight fast often hit a binge weight loss-gain cycle.  In the process of the cycle, they feel more and more lethargic, appetite issues, poor sleep and skin and memory issues.

    When we want to lose weight, we need to engage ourselves in the proper way of learning suitable dietary knowledge right for our body constitution.  Some people need to eat more meat to lose weight, some needs more vegetables.

    How we determine our body constitution depends on in-depth knowledge of how our metabolism tick.  Everyone ticks differently, what suits A may not suit B.  This is where Geno can help.

    When we eat what is suitable for our body, what it wants, we not only lose weight, our skin looks good, we've energy through the day, our memory doesn't fail us, we've appetite for food, we sleep well at night.

    We'll even have the bandwidth to eat some naughty food once in a while when we like it.

    When our body is off-balance, any naughty food we eat will give us issues.  Like how we often see people fall ill from eating a little durian, or a little fried food, or a little chocolate, or a glass of soft drink, or just a cone of ice cream.

    These are signs that we don't have the enough bandwidth to withstand some naughty food once in a blue moon.

    Lifestyle e.g Poor Sleep, Alcohol, Poor Meal Times

    Our body is a very sensitive machine, if we don't give what it needs, it'll feel weak inside and revolt or give up working once it's bad enough.  When we people say "Our body is our temple", they're not far from the truth.

    When we sleep late for any drama series, we drink (alcohol) whenever we want, we skip meals or only eat when we like while filling the in-between times with snacks....We'll gain weight.  Why?  Why can't we dictate our body?  Why can't we be mind over body?

    Our body is a very complicate matrix of working system that is inter-connected in ways we cannot imagine.

    When we don't give it what it needs, it can hang on and hold on for a while, repair itself easily the damages.  Multiple abuse to our body will weaken the system, once it cannot hold on any longer, no longer can repair itself, it breaks down.

    Weight gain is one of the ways it's telling us - "I'm suffering, help me."

    We should sleep by 11.30pm latest, we should take the right alcohol (suitable to our body constitution), we should eat meals at fixed time with a bandwidth of up to 1 hour of difference.

    Some of us finally are enlightened that we've been abusing it for too long, and has right it, but our weight didn't go down, we're still feeling lethargic and all.  Why?

    Because the damage is too deep that it cannot recover on its own anymore.  If we're in our teenage years, strong and able, the body can repair itself very easily if we give up the wrongdoings.  It's also because the abuse isn't long enough to sustain deep repercussions.

    When we only become a good boy or girl at 40 years old, with 20 years of constant daily abuse to our health, the body cannot react to repair itself anymore.  This is where Geno comes in to help you.

    Child-birth and/or PMS

    Women who have been through menstruation will feel the same thing - We feel weaker as we age when our menstruation comes, we cannot bounce back and recover as good when our menstruation ends.

    Why is this so?

    The body requires large amount of resources and energy to carry out the menstruation process, if our diet and lifestyle has been bad for years, our menstruation cycle will make us suffer more and more.

    We'll feel more and more lethargic, poor skin, cold palms and limbs, get coughs, colds and flus easily.  And in the end, we gain weight too.

    Our body goes through even bigger trauma with child-birth, it was a life and death process that the body fights to bring a baby to earth.  Many women feel a deep, significant weakening of the body after child-birth, some feel so weak that their mood and emotions got spiraled out of tandem.

    This is what is known as Post-Natal Depression, this is even more scary than weight loss already....

    Alternate Therapies and/or Detox Programs

    Many people these days went through many detox or extreme dietary camps for good health.  The weight and overall well-being improved in the camp, but all bounce back after it and some time down the road.

    By right, if we're taught correctly of what to eat and how to live, our previous issues wouldn't revisit at all.  What gives now?

    In the correct process of rebuilding our health, our body should throw out all the mess it has accumulated for years --> starts rebuilding --> sustain its former glory --> enjoy reasonable health till we die.

    But most of those camps don't teach this way, hence we feel the rebound effects heavily and suffer, then go back for such camps, rinse and repeat the sequence.

    With such cycles, we lose our hard-earned money and our health in the long run because we're making it going through traumatic "detox" process when it's weaker and weaker by the day.

    Among the effects from the wrong health camps are:  Cold palms & soles, Lethargy, Feeling of weakness in the flesh, Unable to sleep through the night, Appetite issues, Toilet-business issues, Libido goes down....and more.

    My Weight Loss Story

    Recently, I gained a significant amount of weight with gifts of food and big meal treats from my students.  I didn't feel I'd gained ALOT of weight, until my friend told me, "Hey, you've gotten very round at your sides!"

    That was where I realized, and jumped into action.

    Understanding my body constitution very well, I did the following:

    1.  Control the amount of food into my body
    2.  Focus on nutrition on every food group
    3.  Never go vegetarian
    4.  Using TCM herbs to improve organ functions to dispose the accumulated fats and dampness
    5.  Never starve myself
    6.  Never do any Western exercise, not even planking

    Within 2 weeks, I lost all the fats at my waist, and my students wowed (some eyes popped) at how I did it without the Western way.  Well, I did it the Chinese way and got far more successful, healthy and sustainable than the Western one.

    With Western exercises, we impact our important joints (one of which is kneecaps) and harm it in the long run.  I'm not going to do that, Qigong is my only exercise and I only practice it when I conduct my classes.  I'm not even doing it more.

    With Western food fads and dieting methods, it's imbalanced to most of our health, I continue my meat, eggs, vegetables and rice.  I control the right amount of it that goes into my mouth and how it's cooked.

    My students know very well how I advocate the 4S - Steamed, Stew, Soups, Stir-fry (light, home-style).  I don't blanch or poach, I used seasonings too, but all at the right amount.

    I'm at 58kg looking like I'm at 49kg, I build up my bone density and muscles to the fullest.  My fats are at the right proportion for a woman, and I've radiance in my skin, my palms and soles are not cold, and I sleep well at night.

    If I can, so can you.

    Want to learn how to have good health and sustainable optimised body figure?  Pick on one of the options below, if after doing everything I've taught and instructed and your health didn't improved....

    Full money-back and refund.

    You deserve nothing less.  :)