Sleep, Precious Sleep

In ancient China, alot of respect is given to sleep.

Especially growing babies and puberty teens.

The ancient Chinese medicine text have recorded, that growing teens are going on a growth spurt like baby times = much sleep should be given.

In ancient China, no one is punished for not going to school, if they're at home and not gallivanting somewhere out there.

This reminded my times in my Pre-U, I was the sleeping beauty (if I ever was a beauty!) through the 3 years there. I cannot understand why.

I tried taking ginseng and stuff, but I'm still very sleepy. However, most times, I can hear what the teachers are talking about despite me drooling away on my table.

Then I recalled, a few guys in my class have the same issue as me. We all sleep in class.

But come PE times, we're very much alive again.

For old folks, the Chinese thinking is, if their sleep is normal as their younger years = they'll live a good healthy life, likely to the end.

Because the body functions are still normal.

Respect sleep times, especially for babies and teens.

Deal with sleep issues, they're more important than we ever think.

This link from US explained how important sleep is for kids.