Modern Life + Qigong

I've many students who are (or were) gym goers, I myself was in the gym industry as a membership sales consultant some donkey years ago.  ~bay~  :P

"Teacher!  I find many gym goers slim down, but the more they exercise, they look like older and older.  Why ah?"

Many think Qigong is an ancient exercise for the elderly, or the "Cheena piak".  :P

Today, I'll explain why proper Qigong (or should I say Infinite Qigong®?) is the modern people's best friend for exercise + health.  :)

In China's philosophy of good health (养生), it was taught that in Life, we should have a balance of movement and quietness = 动与静。When we have a balance of these 2, will we see good health and longevity.

In the modern life, the stress of work, family and self took a huge toll on all of our emotional, physical and mental states.  Many people turn to shopping, drama series, intense workout, "healthy eating" etc trying to relieve stress.

But the population of people suffering from chronic illnesses rise and rise, without a sight of relief.  Why?

Because many didn't know that a stressful life = movement-based life full of noise inside the mind.  When the mind is full of noise = it cannot rest peacefully.

Do you find your mind busy buzzing with work and stuff once you get to bed?  You need to do loads to calm yourself down to sleep?  Even if you managed to sleep, the sleep quality is poor?

It's because our mind is too full of noise from the day time, our mind is too full from the state of 动 (movements) from the day time.

Why do people who work out alot or doing "simple" exercise almost daily still fall ill or look older and older as mentioned at the start of the post?

It's because Western exercises emphasize on competition and excelling ourselves, with that, it creates stress in our mind and hence, the body.

Even a leisure jog in the park or gym doesn't send peace to the mind, because our senses are still overwhelmed by sights and sounds.  This is how our internal organs regress and age significantly, leading to poor muscle tone, wrinkles and spots in our skin.

We age far faster than our parents and grandparents, our old age is frail and sickly, while our grandparents have the energy to man the farm too.

The ancient Chinese already understood this, that's why the emphasize of balance in movement and quietness = 动与静。That is how Qigong + Taijiquan are founded, based on the sound principles of letting the mind calm down, so the body and heart can recover itself from the stress of Life.

This is especially important for the modern us, where we don't rest after the sun sets.  Many of us continue working in offices or at home = our mind and body are over-exhausted, over-stretched, over-used.

With such, even with "healthy eating" and regular Western-styled exercise, our health regress instead of progress or maintain, because they're all movement-based, not quiet-based = we're more stressed mentally and bodily than ever.

This was why and how I got a heart attack at 35 years old, running my own executive search company.  I almost worked myself to death, even when I know Qigong + ate healthily.

After the health crisis, where I almost died at home in my bed at 7am, I decided to understand what is true health.  I then realized a good Qigong foundation doesn't work wonders.

I need to maintain the correct mentality towards life and rest, I realized I'm wrong to exhaust my health foundation built via Qigong with work, wasting them away by the stress of work.

I realized at the end of the work day, I need to spend at least 15 minutes at home letting go of everything built up in the day, giving myself the love and time needed to recover myself, from the stress and frustrations of work in the day.

Starting Infinite Qigong®, I found many are the same as the old me, there's a clear and present danger in our health if I don't impart these experiences and knowledge to all.

Come for my free health talk and trial, you'll never regret it.  :)