TCM & Animal Personality

In my course of helping my Qigong students' chronic illnesses, I'm also actively involved in their family's health issues.

And that included their pets.

So far in my memory, I've helped 2 cats and 3 dogs, and this cat is especially memorable to worth a space here.

Gideon is an adopted stray cat, he has no survival skills in the big world out there because he's such a timid one. The other tom cats can easily bully him, and as we all animal lovers know, it wouldn't be simple meowing bully.

Tom cats can hurt alot with their claws, so blood isn't uncommon.

My student took him in and life with a pet begins. Then she found out that he's more than timid, he's very skittish even though he's already comfortable and trusted them.

He'd jump at sudden noise and when they approach him, he'll step back first before having the courage to let them love him.

That's aside the super picky food eater that he is, he will not eat common food, so my student got him organic meat instead of being lazy and giving him kibbles.

But oh, he flourished with quality real food, his muscles developed and the fur got softer than before. It's odd that there're humans who are silly enough not to acknowledge that we are what we eat.


So my student discussed Gideon's personality issues with me, and I mulled aloud that it might be illness induced.

In TCM, our personality and mood changes when we're unhealthy enough. So when our personality and mood changes in a sustained period of time, it means our body resources got too low to recover itself to equilibrium.

Hence, TCM and I come in.

I happened to have the TCM formula in powder form and gave her initial instructions to feed him daily via a capsule to let him swallow. Then he got abit of guts to be a Spidercat at 5am for 3 days, and told her to reduce the amount by 30%.

Then no more Spidercat after that, we want a balanced good nature cat. Not one who wanna test its fairytale 9 lives.

His personality made leaps and bounds in just one week.

He's more assured of his loving family, sleeps deeper and have more self-confidence going about at home.

He used to sleep in half closed eyes, I think. And with quite disturbed sleep quality.

My student even took a photo of him smiling in his sleep and shared with me. Imagine seeing a cat smile! Hahahahaha!

She also noticed that he has more whiskers.  His meowing is also more grounded now, somewhat like a more mature man and not screaming like a kiddo previously.

But it's just one week's work, so she's going to keep me close in the loop for any progression. The ultimate result that she wants to see in Gideon is to be a brave cat with strangers.

That'd be a whole new cat indeed.

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