Renal Issues

A student who had chemotherapy for his rectum cancer, talked to me of his kidney issues.  After he attended my first Qigong course, he found great improvement.  However, as work and Life piles up, taking time and energy from practicing, he finds his health slipping again.

So he asked me to write an article on renal issues.

In a broad TCM perspective, renal issues manifest in the following ways:

Poor libido/erections
Kneecap issues
Hair loss
Poor memory
Feeling cold easily
Poor sleep quality
Low immunity (cough, colds, flu etc)
Gynea issues
Poor tempers and more...

Before I continue, lets understand how renal issues come about:

>10 years of stressful Life (work, family etc)
Wrong diet
Serious illness (chronic or cancer)
Too much sex life or masturbation
Too little sleep = exhaustion

"What?  Too much sex?"  Yes.

In the USA perspectives, alot of sex is good for health, but do we see better health in the USA?  Nope.

Do we read more and more health issues in USA?  Yes.

So do we don't have sex?  Fortunately, no.  :)

In the Chinese health philosophy, 养生, sex is good only when both parties enjoy themselves to the fullest.  A few "sex manuals", much like the Karma Sutra, have been written for reference.  Great sex is one of the true qualities to Life, it cannot be replaced by quantity.

When quality sex is had, relationship improves, and less misunderstandings arise.  Both parties are satisfied, and definitely understandings between 2 persons rise.  Take time to learn how to satisfy each other, lengthen the bed exercise time, it's definitely better than often but primitive, unhappy sex for 1 or both people.

Typically, in the TCM perspectives, adults should have sex of the following frequencies:

In our 20s = 1x a week
30s = 1x every 2 weeks
40s = 1x every 3 weeks
50s = 1x every 4 weeks

The frequency reduces as we age, but the quality doesn't change!  If you know the do.  :)

In the TCM perspective, kidneys are our innate elements to health and vitality, meaning, they determine how we live and die in our Life.  A pair of well-functioning kidneys = reasonable health through our Life.

If we don't have hereditary renal issues, 90% of these cases can be resolved via dietary changes, Infinite Qigong® and lifestyle changes.

Firstly, as Hippocrates have said, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food," we must change our diet to see positive changes in our health.  People with renal issues are in dire need for suitable food to regain health.

It'd mean no fridge-cold food, no raw food, no frozen food and no junk food (soft drinks, chips, candies etc).  These food actually lowers our body core temperature, impairs our gastric functions, making our kidneys work extra hard to keep the body warm.

In TCM, kidneys are responsible to keep our body warm with its Yang Fire.  The above food robs the body of a consistent core temperature = making the already exhausted or ill kidneys work extra hard to keep everything in balance.

"But this is how the USA health reports say we should eat!"

USA is now facing an unprecedented health crisis, antibiotics resistance + widespread viruses strength + bacteria infection outbreaks and etc....If what they taught is right, would anyone in USA need antibiotics?  And in such quantity?  Would there be bacteria infection outbreaks?  Would there be an obesity crisis?

No, right?  So it means their health ideologies are wrong.

Coming back, people with renal issues must look into their digestion functions.  If our gastric system is impaired = it cannot process food normally = the rest of the organs cannot receive nutrients to work properly = they're starved.

When we're starved, we cannot work well, this is the same for the organs in our body.

Hence, we must change our dietary habits (as stated above) to kickstart our renal health.

To speed up the process, suitable exercises that wouldn't create additional stress to our body should be taken e.g Infinite Qigong®.  Western exercises are very stressful to the body, as the sole principle is about excelling our maximum limit as fast as possible.

Being good isn't enough, we must be better.

In long run, the monumental amount of stress is on our Heart, that is required to work extra hard to pump blood for the whole body.  Many athletes died suddenly in their middle ages as their heart suddenly gives up. 

News of such sudden deaths are getting more and more common, aren't they?

Our working life is already stressful enough on our Heart, such competitive stressful exercises are simply adding oil to the fire.

In the Chinese health philosophy, 养生, we must know when to pick up speed and slow down in our life to discharge daily stress, this is then the pathway to good health.  If we're always charging ahead, our body will breakdown more and more often until premature death becomes inevitable.

This goes the same for anything in life, even machinery and electronic gadgets = there's only so much and so far we can go.

For the love of our family, our dreams in Life and living to do what we want to do in our retirement....Health is the most basic wealth we must gather.

Let me help you steer towards them, you'll never regret the journey.